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The Constitution of Pennsylvania, like that of the United States, was designed to ensure our future as a republic, or in Madison’s words, a government in which all power comes directly or indirectly from the people. The separation of powers and

There are a number of bills pending in the current PA legislative session which threaten the independence of the judiciary. This is a discussion about those threats, and how concerned Pennsylvanians can take action to defend judicial independence.

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Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts 30th Anniversary Gala - Keynote Address

Judge Timothy K. Lewis - October 25, 2018

It's an honor to be here for the 30th anniversary of PMC.

As Maida noted recently, it's take three decades of hard work and coalition-building to arrive at the precipice of a merit

PMC's founders were motivated to create a new organization following this report from the Pennsylvania Judicial Reform Commission.

Governor Robert Casey commissioned this blue-ribbon panel of civic leaders, public officials, legal professionals, and members of the judiciary. PMC Board member, and