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This workshop discusses the reasons why a contract is a legally enforceable promise and how to enforce or defend it if it is broken. It also discusses the law with respect to tree issues – who is responsible for harm and damages. What actions can be taken and what elements need to be proven in order

This course illuminates the organization and procedures of the Pennsylvania Judicial System with the goal of bringing Pennsylvanians awareness of and confidence in their courts. It discusses the different subject matters of each court, knowing your way around the courtroom, how judges are selected

When it comes to the sensitive topic of parents and children going to court, better knowledge of the court system and your rights help prepare you for the justice system and for any of its outcomes. This program will cover three topics of Family Court: Dependency, Divorce, Child Custody, and Child

By DUNCAN HARDIMAN The Legal Intelligencer Concern about this court arises, however, as it has the potential to become a dehumanized assembly line of lost defendants pushed through the process. Philadelphia’s preliminary arraignment court is likely the least glamorous in the city. It is held deep in...

Orphans' Court deals with guardianship, wills and disputes related to estates, trusts, and charities. This workshop navigates the the process of dealing with a relative's estate and will after death. This program describes the many documents that must be completed and where to file those documents

Better Civics has developed a toolkit to help inform Philadelphia voters about judicial elections. The toolkit can be found here

Every two years (odd numbers) Philadelphia voters cast ballots to elect and retain judges from local and statewide courts. The reality is that most voters have no idea