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Program Description:

This recording is a collaboration between Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s CivicCLP initiative.

The information provided in this workshop will illuminate the organization and procedures of the Pennsylvania Judicial System with the goal

This workshop discusses the different subject matters of each court, courtroom layout, how judges are selected, and how you can be a more knowledgeable citizen. The program was presented by PMC and the COY Public Library of Shippensburg.


  • Jeremy Gunn, Attorney
  • Deborah Gross

Through PMC Shares™, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts goes into communities to hold workshops on a variety of court-related issues. The first step in increasing access to justice is helping people understand how the courts function.

This workshop on Court Basics was held at Chestnut Hill

Federal courts only hear two types of cases. The rest must be heard in state courts.

  1. Cases involving federal law
  2. Both Plaintiff and Defendant are from different states AND the case is for more than $75,000

United States District Courts

The United States District Courts are the lowest

What is the difference between state court and federal court?

Pennsylvania's state courts decide cases involving child custody, divorce, most crimes, contract disputes, and traffic violations just to name a few! These courts can also hear cases that are appeals from state or local agencies.