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This guide, created by the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations, provides a general walkthrough of how a Tenant can be removed from their private rental home through a court eviction process. 

This overview is a "worst case scenario" for the Tenant, in which they are not able to stop the

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts honored Paul H. Titus at its Spring into Action benefit on April 17. Paul Titus was presented with the Judge Justin Morris Johnson Award for his commitment to the improvement of the Pennsylvania court system. Members from Pittsburgh's law community, judicial system...
In partnership with Focus on Renewal and Magisterial District Judge Bruce Boni, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts held this Housing Court 101 workshop. This presentation will help build knowledge and confidence by guiding you through the process. It will cover how a case gets to court, courtroom etiquette, what happens in the courtroom and the physical set-up of the court.
In partnership with the Hill District Consensus Group and Magisterial District Judge Oscar J. Petite, Jr., Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts presented this Housing Court 101 workshop.

With the Support of the Pittsburgh Foundation, PMC has created a handbook to guide landlords and tenants through conflicts. In creating the handbook, we found that there were few existing resources that provide this information. Therefore, our Handbook on Rules and Procedures for Landlord-Tenant