Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts Forum Examines Threats to Pennsylvania's Constitution

Capitol Building in Harrisburg


Philadelphia Bar Reporter

Pennsylvania’s most “recent” Constitution was adopted in 1968 after the 1967 Constitutional Convention. Since that time, there has not been another Constitutional Convention, but there have been many proposed constitutional amendments, some of which have been adopted. Recently, the constitutional amendment process is increasingly being used by the legislature. This past legislative session has already seen more than 80 bills proposing constitutional amendments. Unfortunately, there is very little information available to Pennsylvanians about the proposed amendments, their impact, or the process. As a result, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts joined with Common Cause Pennsylvania, PA Budget and Policy Center and The New Pennsylvania Project to hold a program on this topic, entitled “Threats to Pennsylvania’s Constitution.”

Judge Frederica Massiah-Jackson was the moderator for a panel comprised of Professor Bruce Ledewitz of Duquesne University School of Law, Professor Craig Green of Temple University Beasley School of Law and Professor Rogers Smith of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. More than 200 Pennsylvanians registered for this program.