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PMC believes that the bright young minds of the next generation should have access to an enriching civic education in school. We recognize that every school does not have equal funding or resources for civics. To bridge this gap we have expanded our free Civics Education Program. What sets us apart is our nontraditional approach: we bring lawyers and judges into the classroom to speak to students. We offer a full curriculum for middle, high school, and college students based around four weeks of core classes: 

  • Week 1: The Three Branches of Government
  • Week 2: How Do Our Courts Operate? (PA & US)
  • Week 3: How Does Someone Become a Judge?
  • Week 4: Your Civic Duty as a Juror

We also offer unique supplemental classes that students and teachers can choose from to complete their 8-week program:

  • First Amendment - General Introductions to Our 5 Protected Freedoms
    • Freedom of Speech - How the 1st Amendment Applies in School & Everyday Life
    • Freedom of Religion
    • Freedom of the Press - Real vs. Fake News & the TikTok Ban
    • Freedom of Assembly
    • Book Banning
  • Criminal Law and Justice - Criminal Processes and Trials - Young Thug Trial
  • Civil Rights Act
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Environmental Justice - Youth v. Gov

We  to inspire students to become more civically engaged in their communities, expose them to new legal career opportunities, and help them make connections with legal professionals.  Don't take our word for it, see what our students think about our program below! 

PMC Civics Student Survey Data


Find out more about the importance of civics education as explained by our Pennsylvania Judiciary here.

Please reach out to Dañiela Wright, Civics Education Program Coordinator, at with any interest in or questions about our program. You can also fill out our partner volunteer form here and our school partner form here.

Download PMC's civics education program flyer and PMC's student survey data below!