URGENT: Contact Your Legislator to Stop Judicial Redistricting

URGENT: HB 38, the judicial redistricting bill, was scheduled for a House floor vote on January 12th and January 24th. It ultimately did not receive a vote on either of those dates, but the bill will be a constant threat throughout the remainder of this legislative session. Please email your legislator to tell them that you oppose judicial redistricting and urge them to vote no.

PMC's Law Student Writing Competition Is Open

Topic: Under the existing rules of judicial conduct, how might Pennsylvania's courts utilize current communication tools, such as social media, to engage the people of Pennsylvania to instill confidence in the workings of the judicial branch and its decisions?

Equal Access to Justice for All

As confidence in so many of our government institutions and agencies is crumbling, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts continues to believe that the judiciary can serve as the bulwark against despair in our democratic experiment. We remain ever committed to a Pennsylvania judicial system in which everyone who participates is assured impartiality, fairness, accessibility and respect. We recognize that there is important work to be done to make this version of the judicial system a reality and pledge to continue to work for an equitable justice system where everyone, regardless of race, color, sex, gender, religion, or disability, can expect full protection under the law. To achieve our vision, we will continue to work tirelessly to educate all Pennsylvanians about how to navigate our courts with confidence, and we vigorously advocate for judicial reforms that promote the rule of law, access to justice, and an inclusive and highly qualified judiciary.


It's time to change how judges get their jobs

In this op-ed, PMC's Board Chair, Robert Heim, and former PA Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ronald Castille, discuss the negative effects of judicial elections - especially the regional election system proposed in HB 38 - and the need for an appointive merit selection system. 

COVID-19 Updates

Amid the spread of COVID-19, PMC is postponing a number of upcoming programs and events, in order to protect the health and safety of everyone we serve. We have also provided a link to information about changes to court procedures in each county.

We work to support an ethical, fair, and independent judiciary in Pennsylvania

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Advocate for Fair Courts

Judicial selection is too important at this critical time in our country's history to give in or give up. With your help, we will be successful.
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Learn about the PA's Courts

When it comes to our courts, knowledge is power. PMC has developed a number of self-help resources to familiarize Pennsylvanians with the courts.

PMC in the Community™

The first step in making our courts fair is making them accessible to all. Learn more about our judiciary, or provide people with the tools they need to navigate the court system.

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