Judicial Conduct & Misconduct | Hon. Cynthia Rufe, Melissa Norton, & Chip Becker | One-Day Law School for Journalists 2023

Top right: Judge Rufe, top left: gavel sitting on top of a book, bottom left: Chip Becker, bottom right: Melissa Norton

This session includes a group presentation on judicial conduct & misconduct. It covers both federal and state court disciplinary standards. This session is broken into three topics: The Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline, the Federal Judicial Accountability Report, and the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board.

Click here to watch a recording of the presentation.


  • Judge Cynthia Rufe, Senior Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Charles Becker, partner at Kline & Specter, PC
  • Melissa Norton, Deputy Chief Counsel at Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board.

This was one of seven presentations during PMC's One-Day Law School for Journalists on July 18, 2023. One-Day Law School for Journalists supports journalists and others in the media who face the challenge of covering the courts without a law degree. The other presentations will be added to our YouTube channel soon. Please subscribe to get notified when they are added.

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