The PMC Listens logo - the silhouette of an old fashioned phone merged with the silhouette of scales of justice

PMC Listens™ Helpline

PMC Listens™ helpline is a dedicated voice mailbox, where callers may leave messages requesting information about court processes and procedures or reporting any barriers they feel are impeding their participation in the judicial system. A response is guaranteed within 24 hours, providing personalized assistance from a member of a team of trained volunteers. While these volunteers do not provide legal advice, they refer callers to other organizations, when appropriate.

PMC Listens™ Philadelphia Area: (267) 834-5256

PMC Listens™ Pittsburgh Area: (412) 368-2877

If you would like to volunteer to staff the helpline in Philadelphia please contact If you would like to volunteer in Pittsburgh, please email No prior experience is necessary to become a PMC Listens™ volunteer.