One Day Law School for Journalists

One Day Law School for Journalists

One Day Law School for Journalists™ addresses the relationship between journalists and the courts, and the impact on information shared with the public. It is a designed to support journalists and others in the media who face the challenge of reporting on the court system without a law degree. Speakers include a wide range of lawyers, judges, and law professors. 

All are invited to attend even if you are not a journalist, reporter or blogger, but just interested in the judicial and legal system.

Presentation Topics:   

Workshop I - From Rules to Reporting: A Journalist's Guide to Covering Elections

An introduction to covering elections. This includes a brief overview of election law, what access and rights journalists can have and how to handle high-pressure situations when reporting.  

Workshop II - Secrets Unsealed: The Ins and Outs of Accessing Court Documents

This workshop will help journalists understand why documents are filed under seal, how they are filed. including the automated process of sealing criminal record history, as well as processes for disclosure and transparency. 

Workshop III - Lunch & Learn: Navigating Media Coverage of High- Profile Cases 

This roundtable conversation will present different points of view, judges, lawyers, reporters, and public relations, with media coverage of high profile trials.

Workshop IV - Recusal & Reflection: The Role of the Media in Judicial Accountability

This workshop will discuss the laws surrounding judicial ethics, the importance of journalist and reporter coverage in judicial accountability. 

2024 Speakers to Date Includes: 

Moderated by: Chari Gregg - Host and Anchor at WHYY

  • Kathy Boockvar, Esq. - President of Athena Strategies 
  • Paula Knudsen Burke - Local Legal Initiative Attorney
  • Ret. Judge John Cleland - Former McKean County Court of Common Pleas Judge and Interim Judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court 
  • Bill Costopoulos, Esq. - Senior Counsel at Saxton & Stump
  • Sharon Dietrich, Esq. - Litigation Director at Community Legal Services in Philadelphia
  • Justin Elliot - Reporter for ProPublica
  • Janon Fisher -  Reporter and Editor at Newsday 
  • Marc Levy - Statehouse and Politics Reporter from the Associated Press 
  • Emillie Lounsberry - Journalism Professor at The College of N.J.
  • Melissa Melewsky, Esq. - Media Law Counsel for the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association 
  • Robert Mongeluzzi, Esq. - Partner at Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Bendesky
  • Heather Murray - Local Journalism Project Managing Attorney, First Amendment Clinic at Cornell Law 
  • Judge Cynthia Rufe-- Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Honorable Juan Sanchez - U.S District Court Judge of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Leita Walker - Partner at Ballard Spahr
  • Russel Wheeler- Non-resident Senior Fellow of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution
  • Stacy Witalec - Press Secretary & Director of Communications for Supreme Court of PA 




You do not have to attend the full program if you register. Please join us for any presentations in which you are interested. If you need to leave the program, you can rejoin later in the day using the same link. 

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