The Importance of Elections

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Mayoral, judicial, and city council elections play a pivotal role in shaping the very foundation of our communitites. It is crucial for us to understand the significance of these elections and actively participate in shaping the future of our municipalities. This panel will bring together a distinguished group of community leaders, activists, and experts to discuss the power of community involvement, strategies to encourage civic engagement, and the influence of municipal policies on broader regional and national issues.

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  • Deborah Gross | President & CEO, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts
  • Commissioner Lisa Deeley | Chairwoman, City of Philadelphia Commissioners
  • Councilmember Kendra Brooks | Philadelphia Council Member, At-Large
  • Lauren Cristella | President & CEO, Committee of Seventy

This program will be hosted by PMC and the League of Women Voters of Philadelphia.

Event Details


Virtual - Zoom