Donation Opportunity for American Express Platinum Cardholders

For the first six months of 2021, American Express Platinum cardholders will receive a $30/month statement credit on anything paid for using a PayPal account, including charitable donations. Therefore, if you donate $30/month to PMC on PayPal using your American Express Platinum card, the donations will be covered by your statement credits between now and June 2021. 

This is a unique opportunity to support PMC's work for a fair, impartial, diverse, and accessible judicial system at this crucial time. Please follow the steps below to make your donations.


Setting Up Monthly Donations to PMC

1. Visit the Donate page on PMC's website.

2. Click on the yellow Donate button on the page (pictured below).

3. Enter your donation amount in the "Other Amount" box.

4. Check the box labeled "Make this a monthly donation.*

5. Click on the blue "Donate with PayPal" button and follow the prompts on PayPal using your Amex Platinum card.

6. If you do not yet have a PayPal account set up with your Platinum card, this will give you the opportunity to do so.

7. If you have a PayPal account, please make sure your Amex Platinum card is connected to it.

*If you would like to cancel your monthly donations after the American Express Platinum offer ends on June 30, 2021, you can do so in your PayPal account settings at that time.


Adding Your American Express Platinum Card to Your PayPal Account

1. Create or log into your PayPal account.

2. Go to Account Settings and select "Banks and Cards".

3. Follow prompts to add a new card to you PayPal Wallet.

4. Add your Platinum Card.

5. Set your Platinum Card as your preferred method of payment.