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Mercer County Commissioners Will Continue to Oversee Juries

Despite a law allowing the county to eliminate the jury commissioner positions, Mercer County has decided to maintain the two jobs.

Allegheny County Announces Renovation of Historic Courthouse

The Allegheny Courthouse is getting a much needed facelift to celebrate the building&rsq

Judges, others charged in Traffic Court ticket fixing investigation

Federal prosecutors have charged two sitting and three former Philadelphia Traffic Court judges, as well a senior Traffic Court judge, three district judges, a Traffic Court administrator and two businessmen in connection with alleged ticket fixing and favoritism by the court's judge

Justice Orie Melvin's suspension results in some Supreme Court deadlocks

Justice Orie Melvin's suspension from the Supreme Court bench led many court commentators to speculate that her absence would leave the court less productive and burdened with 3-3 voting splits in the cases to come, in part because political alignment.