Jury Duty in PA

The jury system must be preserved if our American justice system is to thrive. The whole notion of a jury -- a group of randomly selected citizen decision-makers -- is a reflection of our communal trust in democracy in action. It embodies our historic reluctance to centralize power in any one source. The jury is a symbol of America.

Without dedicated jurors, our justice system would grind to a halt. Jurors are as important to the workings of justice as lawyers and judges, perhaps more so. As such, we have an obligation to serve when summoned. Yet the courts and all involved in the litigation process have a corresponding obligation to make it as easy as possible for citizens to serve.

Why Should You Serve when Summoned

Just think about this: who would you want on the jury if you, a family member or friend were involved in a court case? You’d want smart, sensible, fair-minded individuals who could listen to the facts and work with the other jurors to reach a fair verdict. How can you expect that such a jury will be available for your case if you’re not willing to serve when called? In order to be able to enjoy our own right to have a jury of our peers when we’re in court, we have to be there when we’re summoned to be part of a jury.